Miniature Pressure Scanner Takes to the Sky

A highly-miniaturised pressure scanner which has revolutionised aerodynamic testing is now attracting attention from the UAV market. The tiny, lightweight pressure scanner can be attached to drones allowing altitude and aerodynamic measurements to be captured providing essential data to improve flight stability and landing accuracy. EvoScann® P-Series Pressure Scanner from Evolution Measurement is manufactured in […]

German Distributor Appointed for EvoScann® Pressure Scanner

Evolution Measurement, manufacturer of the EvoScann® P-Series has announced today that Vectoflow have been appointed as exclusive distributor of their EvoScann® product range in Germany. Vectoflow, led by Katharina Kreitz, create innovative customer-specific fluid-dynamic probes which are used in similar industries to where EvoScann® P-Series are utilised. The addition of EvoScann® P-Series, complements Vectoflow’s current […]

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