Game Changing Aerodynamics

EvoScann® Applications

The unique size of EvoScann® pressure scanners facilitates some pretty amazing applications.

We are helping engineers create their best performing vehicles yet and whilst we can’t tell you who they are, we can show you how EvoScann® pressure scanners could be supporting you too.

Take a look at the following application notes in more detail.

Motorsport Aerodynamics

It is a very slim margin between a race winning car and second place. Any race engineer in the pitlane will tell you that the difference is tiny and the most important consideration for advantage often lies in Aerodynamics.

Discover how EvoScann® can help race engineers achieve a competitive edge.

EV Automotive Aerodynamic Pressure Scanning

On-car Measurement measurement

A key factor in determining the performance and distance capability of a new EV road car is in understanding its aerodynamic performance. This has a huge effect on its vehicle dynamics and ultimately on its “All Electric Range” that can be achieved with a single charge.


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