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EvoScann® P-Series pressure scanners have been designed to allow quick and easy customisation of the product to suit a wide range of applications. Its small physical size and weight means that it can mounted in a wide range of positions on vehicles to provide high accuracy, fully digital data into the nearest CANbus node. Every pressure channel is temperature corrected for optimal accuracy under changing conditions. The P-Series can be configured to have a common static input to correct the other seven channels of dynamic pressure. Multiple P-Series’ can be mounted across, or even within, the main aerodynamic surfaces of interest to gather essential real-world data. This isn't just a pressure scanner. It's a true game changer.

The P-Series pressure scanners offer the following features:

  • Smallest and lightest pressure scanners available
  • High accuracy multi-channel pressure measurement
  • Absolute & Differential versions
  • Lightweight, carbon fibre reinforced construction
  • Integral microprocessors
  • Direct digital output
  • CANbus communications
  • Comprehensive range of installation accessories.

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