P8-A pressure scanner



Small and light. Weighs <14g and measures 36 x 33 x 8mm
8 channel measurement
Absolute or calculated Differential measurement
Lightweight carbon fibre external construction
Integral microprocessor
High accuracy digital output directly in engineering units
CANbus output


Accuracy: Absolute: 0.1%FS* Calculated Differential: 0.2%FS* (20-85°C)**

Full Scale Range: 200-1200 mbar A 600-1200 mbar A

Resolution: 0.01 mbar (0.03 mbar at 1000Hz)

Drift: <1mbar / year

Overpressure Capability: 5x calibrated range (6 bar)



On-car testing, Aerodynamics

EvoScann® P8-A transmits accurate, fast data, in engineering units, directly to the test article’s central processing unit

Weighing-in at less than 14g and fully encapsulated in carbon fibre, with a single communications and power lead, the EvoScann® P-Series is ideal for a wide range of applications, often being inserted directly inside an aerofoil section where it provides no disturbance to the airflow.

EvoScann® P-Series are highly-miniaturised pressure scanners designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of the aerodynamic testing industry where development is rapid and continuous. Utilising the latest in miniature scanner technology, P-Series is at the forefront of pressure measurement in challenging aerodynamic locations. The P-Series has been designed, from the start, with physical size, weight, accuracy and functionality in-mind and is available in a variety of configurations.

*includes the effects of non-linearity, repeatability and hysteresis
** Expands to 0.25% (abs) & 0.5% (diff) to outer temperature limits

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