German Distributor Appointed for EvoScann® Pressure Scanner

Evolution Measurement, manufacturer of the EvoScann® P-Series has announced today that Vectoflow have been appointed as exclusive distributor of their EvoScann® product range in Germany.

Vectoflow, led by Katharina Kreitz, create innovative customer-specific fluid-dynamic probes which are used in similar industries to where EvoScann® P-Series are utilised. The addition of EvoScann® P-Series, complements Vectoflow’s current range of dynamic probes which are widely used in aerodynamic and rotating / turbomachinery applications and will enhance their customer proposition.

Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director of Evolution Measurement said, “We are highly impressed by the customer application focus of Vectoflow. There is a strong synergy in the way both our companies operate and we are excited to further progress our relationship with the team at Vectoflow.”

Katharina Kreitz, Managing Director of Vectoflow is excited about the new partnership: “A lot of our customers have a need for a small and compact system. The EvoScann® is a perfect complement to our probes and rakes. Together we have worked to create  the lightest on-board measurement system for automotive applications in the world”, Kreitz said.

The EvoScann® P-Series highly miniaturised pressure scanner continues to impress the automotive industry, in particular, its tiny size which enables measurements from previously unreachable areas and the robust enclosure which makes it perfect for on-car testing.

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