21 February 2022

16 Channel Miniature Pressure Scanner Delivers True-Differential Measurement

Innovators and manufacturers of the highly successful EvoScann® pressure scanner series, Evolution Measurement, have launched the next in the series, a new pressure scanner that delivers 16 channels of true-differential measurement.

EvoScann® P16-D continues to deliver highly accurate, fast-response measurements as its P16-A predecessor, however the true-differential measurement removes the need for manual calculations, vastly increasing efficiency, resolution and overall measurement quality.

Since initial launch in 2017, the EvoScann® P-Series miniature pressure scanners have been a huge success. The unique, compact dimensions have enabled users to make critical measurements in previously inaccessible areas, addressing the challenges of aerodynamic testing of a wide range of items from wind turbine blades, to aircraft wings to Formula One cars. The EvoScann® range has allowed aerodynamicists to gather measurements as close as its possible to get to the area of interest in the test article, gathering data as quickly and accurately as possible. Often the scanners are mounted inside the model for even more powerful results.

Whilst the P16-A delivered 16 channels of fast accurate data, customers wanted a true-differential version to provide greater efficiency when translating data. The P16-D has the same rugged exterior which allows the scanner to be subjected to high operating temperatures and strong vibrations, making it perfect for on-vehicle use whilst delivering accuracy levels of 0.1%.

Weighing-in at less than 45g including the 1 metre cable and fully encapsulated in carbon fibre, with a single communications and power lead, EvoScann® P-Series is ideal for a wide range of applications where it can be placed within a structure to avoid any disturbance to air-flow.

“The EvoScann® P16-D represents the most accurate 16 channel, true-differential miniature pressure scanner commercially available.” said Paul Crowhurst, Managing Director of Evolution Measurement.

Paul added, “Over the past five years, the EvoScann® range has incorporated 8, 16 and 64 channels models, which are contributing to the efficiency of vehicles both on land and in air. Our developments in highly accurate, miniature scanners have led us to become the preferred supplier for many aerodynamicists, which has, in turn, facilitated our involvement in developing bespoke scanners for exciting new applications.”

EvoScann® P-Series is designed to allow quick and easy customisation of the product to suit a wide range of applications, allowing users tailor the instrument to suit their requirements and taking measurements into places never before possible.


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