Developing Sustainable Aviation

The partnership between Evolution Measurement’s EvoScann® and the EU’s Clean Sky 2 project has led to significant advancements in the EvoScann® range of pressure scanners, which will help to produce a major milestone in the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft.

The 10 channel true-differential pressure scanner, with its separate, strategically located  barometric sensor, provides a more comprehensive understanding of static pressure distribution, and this level of detail can be critical in optimizing the aerodynamic design of helicopters and urban air mobility vehicles. The increased accuracy, resolution and frequency response provided by the scanner is essential for ensuring the safety and performance of these aircraft, and its contribution to the aerodynamic development of these types of aircraft is a major step forward.

The application of the new pressure scanner in rotor blade aircraft and urban air mobility projects is a testament to its versatility and usefulness. The high level of accuracy and efficiency provided by the scanner is crucial in ensuring the safety and performance of rotor blade aircraft, which have specific and demanding requirements. Urban air mobility projects, on the other hand, aim to provide safe and sustainable air transportation in urban areas, and the new pressure scanner can play an important role in achieving this goal by providing accurate and reliable data for the design and development of these aircraft. The contribution of EvoScann’s new pressure scanner to these important initiatives highlights its potential to make a significant impact in the aviation industry.

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