12 April 2021

True Differential Pressure Scanner

The manufacturers of EvoScann® P8-Series pressure scanner have further developed the revolutionary instrument to now offer true differential pressure measurement.

This means that the PxD variant of the instrument is instantaneously measuring the difference between two points, lending itself directly into the pitot-static market, or for use on Kiel Probes in aero-dynamic testing or for avionic applications.

The evolution of this technology significantly improves the measurement performance level by as much as 35 times when considering the use of an arithmetic sum in order to produce the measurement between two absolute sensors. Customers can choose between common or individual references.

In addition to the P8-Series’ accuracy, this tiny pressure scanner which weighs less than 15g is incredibly robust. Packaged in carbon fibre, the P8-Series is ideal for on-car testing in the motorsport arena, and can now be used in UAV, aero-profile development and directly with measurement probes.

Unique EvoScann® P-Series scanners are scalable with the number of channels varied by application.

If you would like to know more, please let us know your needs and we can discuss a specific package for you.

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