10 May 2021

Miniature Pressure Scanner Increases Accuracy

EvoScann’s highly miniaturised differential pressure scanner has increased its accuracy levels by 5x, when compared with its previous capabilities,  firmly placing it as the most accurate scanner at this level in the market.

Engineering developments and continuous improvements have enabled the EvoScann® P8-D to deliver full-scale accuracy which is 5x better than before. Full scale accuracy was 0.5% and is now 0.1% in the key 100mbar and 200mbar ranges, which represents much greater accuracy in the data produced.

Used in aerodynamic testing environments, the P8-D is an eight-channel, digital pressure scanner providing direct true differential measurement in engineering units.

Managing Director, Paul Crowhurst said, “We are thrilled with the results we are achieving. Customers were happy with the original P8-D pressure scanner, but we felt we could do better. Our culture of continuous improvement led to these exciting developments and now our customers can have even more confidence in the measurements achieved.”

The P8-D miniature pressure scanner is small enough to fit in tight spaces, enabling engineers to gain valuable data from previously unreachable areas.

For more details on the EvoScann® P8-D pressure scanner, full details are available here 

Or watch our short demonstration below.

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