6 July 2021

EvoScann® supports Formula Student Racing Team

KA-RaceIng, the Formula Student Team of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, have been undertaking an extensive testing and validation programme for their latest Formula Student challenger car, the autonomous racecar, KIT21d.

In order to fully measure and validate the performance of their front wing and analyse their wheel wake, an impressive wheel wake rake was built in-house and instrumented with EvoScann® P16-A pressure scanners. These are very small, lightweight devices that are fitted as close as possible to the kiel probes, for example, to gather fast, accurate, real-time aerodynamic pressure data.

KA RaceIng’s Aerodynamics Testing and Validation Engineer, Christopher Soika, said “One of the tests we did was mounting the rake behind the front right tyre and doing constant cornering and straight runs with different front wing setups. By using our driverless vehicle, we could be assured that we had a controlled experiment at hand with the autonomous software enabling repeatable and precisely adjustable driving behaviour. Our goal was to have a comparable set of data with the changes being directly attributable to various testing setups and not as a result of changing driving behaviour.

Evolution Measurement’s Export Sales Manager, Iain Gordon, congratulated the team on the outcome of their successful testing and said “we were delighted to supply our EvoScann Aerodynamic pressure scanners to the KA-RaceIng team and to see their use of the scanners in much the same way any top-flight professional racing team would. Their data has proved invaluable in validating their extensive CFD and other experimental work”

For further information on the EvoScann P16-A click here


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